Thursday, 16 September 2021

Seminar 2019-2020


Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi, Mr.V. Gopinath ,Mrs.S.Naga Durga ,Mrs A.Jyothi and Mrs.G.Jyothi attended  a two day International Forum on “Transformation of Public Health and Community Responsibility”on 8th and 9th August 2019, Organized  by Department of Zoology

Mr. V. Gopinath, Lecturer in Mathematics attended a one day Hands on Training program on “Digital classroom with  integrated learning Management System “on 26th September ,2019 at Acharya Nagarjuna university , Guntur .

      Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi chaired a session in the international Conference on Recent trends in physics chemistry and allied sciences for sustainable development 2019  Organized by Department of Chemistry and Physics on 27th September.

Ms. R.Sravani  attended  a Overseas 7 Day Faculty development Program on Innovative Teaching learning Methodlogies held  during 14-11-2019 to 20-11-19 organized by IMRF Institute of Higher Education and Research Thailand Chapter in association with IIM Australia at Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi , Mr. V.Gopinath  , Mrs .A.Jyothi  and  Mrs. P.Poojitha  attended A Two Day National Conference on “ Recent Advances in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. Jointly Sponsored by Uttara  Andhra Society for Mathematical Sciences , Visakhapatnam & Prof. S. Minakshi Sundaram Memorial Society , Visakhapatnam  Organized by  Department of Mathematics and Statistics , at St.Joseph’s college for women (A) Visakhapatnam on 15 th and 16th Novermber ,2019 .

 Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi and all the Department members attended a national Seminar on Modern Tools in Evaluation –A Shift From Quantitative to Qualitative techniques on 5th December ,2019. Organized by Examination committee ,T-Tips & Research wing in Ch.S.D.St. Theresa’s  college for women(A), Eluru Mr.V.Gopinath and B.V.Sai lakshmi  presented  paper on “Modern Trends in Education System –A Shift from Class –room learning and off-line examination to e-learning and online examination “.

On 6th and 7th Dec 2019 Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi and Mr.V.Gopinath attended national Seminar On Recent Trends in Functional foods in the Context  of Health and Technology . Organized by the department of Applied Bio Sciences  in Ch.S.D.St. Theresa’s  college for women(A), Eluru.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Internship on OCTAVE

In a bid to provide in sight in to virtual instruments and technical computing, widely used for industry academics and research, Department of Mathematics Organized An  internship programm  on “ OCTAVE” (A Mathematical tool for advanced Mathematical calculations) in Association with Spectrum Solutions ,Pondicherry, Coordinator as Dr.KL.Saraswathi Devi  Head of the Department of Mathematics and Staststics .This Programm was Sponsored by Ministry of 
Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education ,Government of India Under Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan. Duration of the programm  was   three  days i.e. from 19th August  to 21st August 2019. The Target group  for  this Programm  was all the Final year Mathematics  combination Students  . About 235 Students were Benifited The faculty involved  from the department were Mr.V.Gopinath, Mrs.S.Naga Durga ,Mrs.P.Poojitha ,Ms.B.sai Lakshmi .Mrs.K.Harika .The resource persons were Mr. Raushan Kumar Singh,Managing director, Spectrum Solutions., Sandeep Kumar, SMVPTC , Pondicherry. 
                    The Major Topics  Covered in this programm -
                                                                             * Introduction of  Octave 
                                                                             * Pie Chart 
                                                                             * Arithematic/Trigonometric Operations
                                                                             * Matrices/Determinant
                                                                             * Differentiation/Integration
                                                                              * Image Processing 

Student Internship on OCTAVE

Saturday, 15 December 2018

National mathematics day celebrations, As a part of quiz competitions.

National Mathematics day celebrations  on 14th Dec to 19th Dec

Friday, 14 December 2018

International Conference on Innovative Domains of Mathematics and Digital Technology was successfully Completed.

Seminar 2019-2020

  Seminars: Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi, Mr.V. Gopinath ,Mrs.S.Naga Durga ,Mrs A.Jyothi and Mrs.G.Jyothi attended    a two day International Foru...